Eminence: Patriot Red White And Blues

Eminence: Patriot Red White And Blues

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Eminence Patriot Red White And Blues

True-blue American sound.

Now you can have that classic American rock tone of the '60s and '70s. Tight low end, smooth midrange, and top-end sparkle. Perfectly suited for a one, 2, or 4x12" open- or closed-back setup. 120W RMS handling, 240W peak. 8 ohm impedance.

Eminence recommends the Patriot Red White and Blues Guitar Speaker as an alternate replacement in the Fender Blues Junior combo amp

Features Include

  • Application: 12" open- or closed-back
  • Configuration: 1, 2, 4 x 12"
  • Low-end response: Moderate
  • Low-end shape: Tight
  • Midrange response: Moderate
  • Midrange shape: Warm
  • High-end response: Aggressive
  • Breakup mode: Medium

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