Eminence: Red Coat Private Jack

Eminence: Red Coat Private Jack

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Eminence Red Coat Private Jack

Perfect for blues, indie, and jazz. Lots of perfectly balanced mids and extended highs. Ideal in a 1, 2, or 4 x 12" open- or closed-back configuration. 50W RMS handling, 100W peak. 8 or 16 ohm impedance.

Eminence recommends the Red Coat Private Jack as a direct replacement speaker in the Behring Ultrastack BG412S & Ultrastack BG412H speaker cabinets. Eminence recommends the Private Jack-16 as a alternate replacement speaker in the Marshall 1960A & 1960B speaker cabinets.

Features Include

  • 50W RMS handling
    8 ohm impedance

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