G Lab: Dual Reverb DR-3

G Lab: Dual Reverb DR-3

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Guitar Laboratory (G Lab)

Dual Reverb DR-3

Features Included

  • two reverb types (REVERB 1 or 2) with various sound characteristics,
  • two sets (A and B) of reverb time and effect intensity controls,
  • effect ON/OFF footswitch,
  • A or B parameters selection footswitch,
  • smooth ON/OFF and parameters switching (not cutting sounding of previously played tones),
  • signal overdrive indicator (PEAK),
  • high level of maximal signal (8 dBu) what enables to use it at amps effect loops,
  • silent switching and low noise level,
  • FOOT PEDAL input for controlling it by a guitar controller e.g. G LAB GSC,
  • metal footswitches with backlighted descriptions,
  • solid, powder coated casing,
  • 9V DC power supply.

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