iConnectivity: iConnect Audio 2/4

  • 21000
  • Save $4000

iConnectivity: iConnect Audio 2/4 - Audio Interface

Features Include

  • Effortless user interface, easy to set up and control.
  • Multi-mode direct monitoring.

  • Full metering modes of all the audio signals going in and out.

  • Easy to set levels and check/assign routing.

  • Versatile

  • Two independent stereo outputs to fit your application

  • Main Out and Headphone Out can have separate mixes - great for DJs

  • Individually switchable +48V phantom power for each mic input - you can use a condenser mic alongside a dynamic mic at the same time

  • USB bus-powered, no wall power required.
  • Built like a tank
  • Sleek-looking, but sturdy. This is a studio-quality interface with industrial-grade metal chassis.

  • No protruding parts to break off.

  • iConnectivity MIDI inside
  • Major touring acts and studios around the world depend on iConnectivity's robust MIDI technology.

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